May 10, 2013
The WWII Memorial Committee has passed another milestone.  We have our 600 engraved bricks committed and paid for.  After Memorial Day this year, we will have the contractor remove all the bricks on the last undisturbed section of the memorial and fill up the spaces with the last of the committed bricks of WWII service men from Gloucester.

On October, 2002 I participated in a ceremony in a small town in Belgium just south of Bastogne to honor General Patton and the 35th Infantry Division.  The citizens were gracious and friendly.  I never expected such hospitality.  In order to beat the Germans in a game of war, much damage was inflicted on their property and many civilians were killed or wounded.  The civilians looked at us as their saviors.  Anything to get rid of the arrogant Nazi thugs.  We were the answer to their prayers.  Our host showed us many memorials and monuments that they erected to honor the Americans.  This was an awakening. At that time, I could not think of even one memorial that our city or any organization had erected to honor our men and women from Gloucester.

Shortly after this, on Veterans’ Day 2002, I called for volunteers to join a committee to raise money and awareness, to decide on a design and find a location for a Memorial.  On July 4th 2006, after a lot of needless controversy, we erected and dedicated the WWII Memorial on Kent Circle.

Since then we have raised money for the long time upkeep of the memorial and the grounds in that immediate area.  This has all been done with the help and support of the citizens and businesses of Gloucester.

We have a wonderful website here which honors the veterans of WWII and which also perpetuates their memorial. I urge you to take a look as I’m sure you’ll find something of interest, be it a story, a poem, or an old photograph. We are still in need of photographs of veterans in their WWII uniforms such that we may include them on this website’s photo library and also on file with the city’s veteran’s center. Once online, younger generations may see what our WWII veterans looked like many years ago while they were in the service. Please submit your photo today.



February 22, 2013
Michael Linquata’s letter “Honoring Veterans in WWII Memorial” has been published in the opinion section of today’s Gloucester Daily Times. You may read the article online here:

October 18, 2012
Don’t wait to order a brick for inclusion in the sixth and final section of our memorial’s patio. There is not much time left and space is limited. These engraved bricks are $200 each, and feature the veterans name, rank, and theater. The monies sent will both cover our engraving, brick, and installation costs and will stand as a donation to the perpetual care fund of the memorial. You may send your check along with the veteran’s details to our post office address at WWII Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 634, Gloucester, MA.

September 10, 2012
Added new photo gallery of the Memorial as well as video about the history of the project and the original Dedication Ceremony program.

July 4, 2006
The monument was dedicated this morning for a crowd of around 600 people. Many thanks to Master of Ceremonies, Tony Verga, and also to speakers Senator Bruce Tarr, Mayor John Bell, Father Eugene Alves, and to our keynote speaker, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Thomas Kelley. Additional thanks to all of the veterans, of all wars, that could be there to support and to honor the committee’s hard work, to the Gloucester Boys Lacrosse team for setting up the chairs in the morning, to the Rockport Legion Band, to the current members of the Coast Guard, to the members of the Gloucester High School ROTC and also to the St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee (for the use of their chairs) for creating a beautiful day. The ceremony was tasteful and timely and certainly honored Gloucester’s WWII Veterans, both living and dead, and all of their families. We hope that you will enjoy our memorial for years to come.

Dedication Ceremony Program

Photographs of Dedication Day

If you know of someone who has not yet contributed to the efforts of the WWII Committee please refer our work to them. We are still in the process of collecting funds for the perpetual care of the memorial.