Did you know? The WWII Memorial in Gloucester has many symbols, each has a meaning.

  • The American Eagle on top symbolically stands for a proud nation and the 5,665 patriotic veterans from Gloucester who served in that great conflict. Below the eagle is a black granite globe that is beautifully etched in detail, showing the continents and even the islands of the Pacific. This rests on a large disc that reads, “We fought for freedom, around the world.” And we did. Our Navy fought in the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and the other oceans too. Our Army and Air Corps, also fought in Africa, Europe and the Pacific.
  • On the main memorial are six plaques explaining the meaning of the memorial. On the top of all our plaques is a laurel wreath. This is an ancient symbol of victory. On one of the plaques it states that the Revolutionary War started on these shores in “1775”. That is the year that the English warship “Falcon” bombarded Gloucester and our patriots fought back. “One year before the Declaration of Independence.”
  • On each side of the patio are three stanchions. Symbolically, three are facing the east, giving a brief history of the war in Europe and three are facing the west, giving a brief history of the war in the Pacific. Off to the side is another stanchion with President Truman’s message of appreciation to the veterans.
  • The patio is divided into six sections. Five are now full of veterans’ names, where they served and in what outfits they served in. One of these sections has some of those killed in action. In the center of this section is a Gold Star, symbolizing the gold star a mother or a wife placed in the front window during this horrible war to indicate a dead veteran, which is another symbol.

The entire WWII Memorial is another symbol of Gloucester’s citizens’ patriotism. We are proud of our country.

God Bless America

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