Paris, France

Salvatore J. “Sam” Favazza
Written by his daughter Karen Favazza Spencer
November 20, 2005

Branch of Service: U.S. Navy, Lieutenant, Jr. Grade
Fought In: Pacific

Dad was one of the “90 Day Wonder” ensigns on D-Day at Omaha Beach. He remained stationed on Omaha Beach from June 6 through November 1944 transporting men and cargo in and out of the artificial Mulberry Harbors the Allies assembled from sunken ships and caissons. I asked him if he saw Paris while in France:

“By fall there wasn’t as much for us to do. We were very excited about the Liberation of Paris, and had heard the stories from the GI’s who’d been there. There were many unofficial trips to Paris from the Normandy beaches, then. We decided that two men at a time from our LCT would go into Paris for a couple of days. Since I was the Officer-In-Charge, my buddy and I were the last two to head out for our unofficial holiday. We were in sight of the city when we were stopped by two MPs. We did a lot of fast talking, and they gave us a break. We were lucky they remembered and liked the LCT crew that brought them ashore at Omaha Beach. They told us to get back to Normandy and don’t let them see us again, or we’d be in the brig and court-martialed. We got back to our ship as fast as we could and didn’t step foot off that beach again. I never did get to see Paris.”

Dad visited Paris in 1972 with Mom, Mary J. Favazza, while on fisheries business. Dad continued on to Germany during that trip.

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