WWII Memorial Committee

On April 19th, 2006, the memorial to the Gloucester Veterans and their families was delivered to Kent Circle. This will help preserve the memory of all those who sacrificed in those terrible war years.

Today we honor those heroes, living and dead. These are, or were, your fathers, uncles, and brothers. They fought for you, their families, and their Country.

The WWII Memorial Committee erected this memorial to honor our veterans, both men and women, and the merchant seamen that served their country so nobly during those troubled years.

This was a very trying time for the home front, too. This memorial also honors the mothers, fathers, and wives of these heroes. They mourned their tragic loss when their loved one was killed or missing in action. They too put in great effort to win the war. They suffered rationing of clothes and food such as butter, meat, oils, and sugar. Gasoline and tires were rationed. Many households planted victory gardens to supplement the food supply.

Over 420,000 veterans were killed in action. Over 420,000 mothers and fathers lost their sons in battle. Of these, 72,000 were listed as missing in action, never to be found again. Let us not forget.

God Bless America!